12 Budget-Friendly Homeschool Resources for Newbies

12 Budget-Friendly Homeschool Resources for Newbies

I don’t know about you, but I was completely overwhelmed when I first began homeschooling. There are so many options! And it’s our job to sift through them all to make the best choices for our children.

Being on a budget can make this job both easier & more difficult. Easier because it narrows our options, which may make it seem less overwhelming. But difficult because, again, it narrows our options. And we generally get what we pay for. Being on a budget can also mean a little more leg, err, finger work.

Luckily there’s no right or wrong. And the beauty of homeschooling is that if we try something & it isn’t a good fit, we can simply move on to our next option. We’re never stuck with something that doesn’t suit our children. We can personalize & mix & match until we find the perfect fit.

But we have to start somewhere!

12 Budget-Friendly Homeschool Resources


  • Easy Peasy {AllInOneHomeschool.com}: This is a complete, free online Christian curriculum. It ranges from preschool to high school. Though high school is hosted on a different site. This is the curriculum my daughter uses & we love it. Aside from the awesome content, we like the structure & easy to follow instructions. We’ve personalized it to suit our needs. Non-Common Core.
  • Discoveryk12.com: This is a free online curriculum that serves grades K-12. It offers all of the standard courses, in addition to extra curriculum like Spanish 1, HTML Coding, & Healthy Living. This is what we started out using. This curriculum is great for homeschoolers who need a little structure to their day, but still plan on supplementing. Non-Common Core.

Extended Learning

  • XtraMath.org: This free online site provides supplemental activities to help children master basic math facts.
  • AdaptedMind: Provides free exercises & worksheets to children in grades one through sixth. The program focuses on the areas each child needs help in most, adapting to each child’s individual needs.

Educational Resources

  • TED-Ed: A YouTube channel containing a library of educational videos with a commitment to create “lessons worth sharing.”
  • Educents: An online marketplace for affordable educational products. Educents provides daily deals by working with established educational suppliers.
  • OERCommons.org {Open Educational Resources}: An open source digital library & network. You’re able to filter your search by subject, grade, & curriculum.
  • TeachersPayTeachers.com: It’s the first & largest marketplace where teachers share, sell, & buy original educational resources. But anyone can join, for free! Products are reasonably priced & some are free.
  • TheVirtualInstructor.com: A website that provides tutorials on drawing, painting, mixed-media, & digital art. Many of the lessons are free but some do require a membership.
  • Pinterest: I was surprised by the quantity of quality resources I found through this site. Plus, you can find TONS of fun printables. . .


  • WorksheetWorks.com: A worksheet generator. It’s still in beta so you may run into a few kinks, but still, it’s pretty cool.
  • Catpin.com: A free bubble test generator.


Your local museums probably have home school programs. Our’s do! Hop online & check them out, or give them a call. Our museums even offer teacher packets!

What are your favorite budget-friendly homeschool resources?

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Appreciate the Little Things & Enjoy the Journey!


12 Budget-Friendly Homeschool Resources for Newbies


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