13 Things On My Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List!

*SITSGirls Stop The Summer Slump Writing Challenge | Day 3*

I’m not really the “Bucket List” type of gal, but I think I’ve been missing out!

Our summer will mostly be consumed with fastpitch travel softball, as my oldest daughter is a pitcher. But I started a Summer Bucket List anyway! Watch out now, I’m a rebel! Do we have any plans in common?

– Summer Bucket List 2015 –

  1. Stick to Meditative Morning Routine: When I do this, I start my day from a place of humility & gratitude. Hopefully I will share more on this soon.
  2. Practice Being a Better Listener: Listen more, talk about myself less, & ask more questions about the person I’m speaking with. Be genuinely curious… basically put my introvert skills to work for me.
  3. Develop a Loose Weekly Schedule: Time management has never been my thing, but it’s beyond time for that to change! It must be a “loose” schedule because each week varies. Flexibility is important.
  4. Organize… anything!: Yeah, I’ve never been great with organization either. This summer is going to be big! 😉
  5. Clean-Out E-mail Inboxes!: Does this fall under organization?
  6. Play Just Dance with my Youngest Daughter A LOT!: Not only is this a great workout, it’s fun & I get to hangout with one of my favorite people!
  7. Go On More Evening Walks with My Family: This is something we used to do on a regular basis. For at least 30 mins. everyone’s attention was solely focused on family. It was nice & I’d like to get back to it.
  8. Watch My Daughter Hit a Home Run!: No pressure! Just hit a lil’ home run for your ‘ol mom, would ya? That would be awesome. I’ll let you know…
  9. New Blog Logo: I’m not quite sure exactly what I want yet, but I’m excited!
  10. Complete Blog Branding: When I’m finished, The Sunny Shadow will have a cohesive look & feel throughout. Again, exciting!
  11. Develop a YouTube Strategy & Schedule: Being a part of the #BloggingTidbits YouTube Challenge was extremely awkward at first. But now I’m beginning to understand the value of YouTube. Still, I have lots to learn!
  12. Revamp & Improve My Newsletter: I can make some changes now, but it won’t be completely finished until my new logo is complete.
  13. Learn, Learn, Learn!: I want to partake in as many free webinars, boot camps, etc., in order to help my blog in any way I can.

What’s on YOUR Summer Bucket List? Tell me!

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