25 Qualities of a Mentally Tough Person









  1. They Accept Themselves Fully: They’re aware of the fact that self-acceptance & self-growth go hand-in-hand. They know that self-acceptance does not equate complacency, but that it’s a requirement for self-growth. Mentally strong people know that perfection doesn’t exist, so they don’t waste their time chasing it. They don’t compare themselves to others. The only person they strive to be better than is the person they were yesterday.

  2. They Set Clear Boundaries & Reinforce Them: They possess a healthy amount of self-respect which aids them in setting clear boundaries for themselves. They protect & reinforce their boundary lines as necessary. They’re fully aware of the fact that we teach people how to treat us & they command respect.
  3. They Focus On What They Can Control: Rather than wasting time worrying about what they cannot. They realize that they can only control their own actions & reactions. Instead of staying in the problem, they focus on the solution.
  4. They Live Authentically: They live in a way that’s inline with their personal values & beliefs. They stay true to themselves & they’re okay with the possible consequences of doing so.
  5. They Ask for What They Want: They’re assertive {not passive aggressive}. They get more “yeses” simply because they’re more direct & confident when asking for what they want.
  6. They Remain Open to Change: They believe that opinions & beliefs are malleable, capable of being changed upon learning new information. They’re smart enough to realize that they don’t have all the answers & that learning is infinite.
  7. They Have Someone They Can Talk To: They have at least one trusted person who they open up to. They will not quietly allow their problems to fester & grow inside of them. They know that holding negative emotions in can literally make one ill, thus they don’t do it.
  8. They Practice Gratitude Daily: They make gratitude a conscious decision. This enables them to see the big picture & to put things into a healthy perspective. They’re truly thankful for what they have, still, they remind themselves of this daily. Read 15 Simple Ways to Cultivate Gratitude and the Benefits of Gratitude.
  9. They Ask for Help When Needed: They realize that they cannot do it all. They have no shame in asking for help & view it as a sign of strength, not weakness.
  10. They Don’t Allow Fear to Dictate Their Actions: “Being fearless isn’t having no fear; it’s moving forward in the company of fear.” ~Cheryl Strayed, Author of Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail -It’s not that they don’t have fear, it’s simply that they move forward despite its presence. Thus, they’re full of courage.
  11. They Know How to Say “NO”: They don’t feel the need to explain or offer excuses. When they say “no” they have a good reason. So when they say it, they simply say it.
  12. They Appreciate the Little Things Life Has to Offer: They realize how quickly time passes. Additionally, they choose to live in the moment. This enables them to cherish what’s truly important.
  13. They Forgive: They don’t hang onto resentment & anger. They know that to do so is noxious. They don’t always forget, but they find a way to forgive & let go.
  14. They Manage Expectations Wisely: They know better than to put people on pedestals because they inevitably fall off. They keep their expectations reasonable so that their disappointments are minimal.
  15. They Know When to Walk Away: They don’t waste time trying to have rational conversations with irrational people. They disengage & simply walk away.
  16. They Pay Attention to Their Red Flags: They’ve learned to pay attention to & trust their instincts.
  17. They Exercise: They take full advantage of its positive effects on mental health {e.g. stress reduction & improved memory.} They know that exercise is crucial to their overall well-being. They practice good self-care.
  18. They Know That Other People’s Opinions of Them Is None of Their Business: They don’t get caught-up in what other people think about them, good or bad. They consider the source. Accepting negative feedback from respectable sources as constructive criticism. It helps them grow & they use it to make necessary adjustments.
  19. They Do Something That Makes Them Happy Everyday: They have no guilt about this in moderation, viewing it as simply another element of their self-care routine.
  20. They Admit When They’re Wrong: They’re not quick to get defensive. If they’ve done or said something wrong they have no problem admitting it. Humility comes naturally to them.
  21. They’re Honest with Themselves: They face all of their truths, including the ugly ones. They don’t live in denial. They know that to be fully honest with others they must be honest with themselves.
  22. They Get Enough Sleep: They’re aware of the nasty side effects produced by lack of sleep. Impaired concentration, memory, problem-solving, & reasoning simply are not options for them. They know that, to be their best selves they must get the CDC, daily-recommended 7-8 hours daily for adults. Read Bipolar Disorder and Sleep.
  23. They Practice Mindfulness: They focus on the present moment. They don’t dwell on the past nor the future.
  24. They Lead a Balanced Life: Work is balanced with family & fun, for example. One does not heavily outweigh the other. They practice moderation in all things.
  25. They Laugh: They’re able to relax, have a good time, & laugh at themselves along the way. They know that laughing is an essential ingredient to a well-balanced life, & thus they do it everyday.

What do YOU think are qualities of a MENTALLY TOUGH person?

Krista-Lee-Pfeiffer :: Blogger & Creator of The Sunny Shadow


  1. Laura Brown

    Lack of self esteem and self respect are recurring problems for me. I have a pretty cool life and have done some pretty cool stuff, but all it takes is a moment to make me feel incredibly bad. I need help with this.

    1. That must be incredibly difficult. I don’t know if you’re seeing a therapist, but psychotherapy’s changed my life for the better. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. Also, did you ever read my blog post about Bipolar Disorder & Low Self-Esteem?

      A couple of easy things that come to mind that help boost self-esteem (you may already know about them) are: everyday write something down that you did well, try something new, don’t compare yourself to others.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  2. Laura Brown

    Lack of self esteem and self respect are recurring problems for me. I have a pretty cool life and have done some pretty cool stuff, but all it takes is a moment to make me feel incredibly bad.

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