5 Blogging Tips! BlogStaycation September 2015

“Why did I ever start blogging?!” Those are the words I uttered in frustration no more than a week ago. I was completely burned out! What was most disheartening about that statement was the fact that blogging had become my happy place, my personal escape. It’s unexpectedly allowed me to connect with others in a meaningful way. But there I sat, frazzled with something that had completely changed my life for the better.

But you know how everything happens right when it’s supposed to? Yeah, that happened.

I’d signed-up to take part in BlogStaycation & it couldn’t have come at a better time! It seems that when we make positive changes in one area of our lives, it bleeds over into other parts. Love it!

What Is BlogStaycation & Why Is It Amazing?

BlogStaycation is a “staycation” of sorts for bloggers to connect, share, & learn from one another. It’s currently held twice a year in January & September. It’s obviously hosted by fabulous bloggers, 3 in fact. You can find Jennifer at JENerally Informed, Trish at The Trish List, & Julie at Girl On the Move.

It kicked-off with a Twitter Chat on Thursday night. Friday there were three {yep, three!} Facebook Chats with guest hosts, one of them incorporated Periscope at the same time. Saturday, a Live Periscope Broadcast/Chat. Sunday, a Twitter Wrap-up Chat!

And the best part? It’s FREE!

I participated in the previous one & because of that, I honestly didn’t expect to get as much out of this one as I did. But Wow. I’m still blown away by the inspiration, motivation, & renewed sense of vigor I feel for blogging. And get this, all of these feel-good vibes are wearing off into my non-blogging world. I don’t know, I just feel more energized overall. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

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5 Tips from Blogstaycation September 2015

  1. Engagement!: Engaging our readers should be our number one priority. Whether it’s in the form of a blog post, social media, video, e-mail, or through comments -always respond to comments! Blogs are nil without readers. We want our readers to interact. . .  to leave comments & tell us how they feel about what we’ve shared. And advertisers want that too. In many cases, engagement matters more to advertisers than page views.
  2. Video is a Must: By 2018, 80% of web usage will be in video! Increasingly, people are preferring to watch videos over reading. {Not me, but apparently a lot of other people.} For bloggers, video is a must. This can be difficult for an introvert, but I’m guessing that the more often we record the easier it will get. I just did my 1st Periscope broadcast & I was terrified. I was sure that I was going to be talking to myself. But I wasn’t {thank you cool peeps who watched & gave hearts}! I uploaded it to YouTube, you can catch it HERE.
  3. We Don’t Have to Be Everything on Every Social Media Platform: Shew! What a relief, right?! Not that I was coming anywhere close to proficiency across all platforms. But still, it’s always in the back of my mind… nagging; along with a million other to-dos. What’s important? Find out which platform your readers are on. Focus there. Do it well!
  4. Give It Away. . . for FREE: Okay, you might be looking at me sideways, but hear me out. 1} Our readers’ trust must be earned. Therefore, we have to prove our worth to them. Giving away some of that worth for free will cover both of those areas at once. 2} In the blogging community, it goes along way if we share what we learn along the way. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t had a group of supportive bloggers guiding me through this first year of blogging. I’m so grateful to them. They give so freely of their time & expertise. They’ve set a great example for how the blogosphere should operate. I’ve yet to run into an unsavory blogger. I’m sure one exists, we simply haven’t met.
  5. Connecting with Other Bloggers: Something magical occurs when we connect with others who have the same goals, worries, challenges, motivation, etc. It’s beyond inspiring. The seeds of mutually beneficial, working-relationships are planted. That’s exhilarating! There’s nothing comparable.

Were you part of BlogStaycation September 2015? What were your top take-aways? If you didn’t take part in BlogStaycation, did you find these tips helpful? What are your top blogging tips?

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