7 Ways To Make A Small Space Look Larger

7 Ways to Make a Small Space Look Larger


If not carefully thought-out, living in a small space can be anxiety producing -I should know. Small living quarters can become easily cluttered. These are not areas in which you want to display tons of knickknacks; in some cases they begin to feel unkempt, even when they are. Small living spaces can be quite charming. There’s nothing wrong with them, they simply require a different approach. Luckily, there are lots of little things one can do to make a small space appear larger!


– Monochromatic Color Scheme –

To keep it interesting, play with different textures & shades of the same color palette. Any neutrals on the lighter side are okay; however, cooler colors work best. Still, it’s sometimes fun to add pops of an accent color.

– Glass –

Tables, table-tops, accessories… they are see-through so, visually, they don’t appear to take up as much space as they actually do; giving the illusion of less clutter.

– Proportions –

Furniture, lighting fixtures, etc. that are too large for a space will make the space look smaller. But furniture that’s too small can look silly & leave a room feeling bare.

– Floor to Ceiling Window Treatments –

Create the illusion of more vertical space, making the walls appear taller/longer.

– Lighting –

Make sure there is plenty of light; dimly lit spaces tend to look smaller.

– Mirrors –

You could even mirror a whole wall with mirror tiles!

– Declutter & Organize –

Everything needs to have a home! Try to keep flat surfaces free of clutter. -Follow my Cleaning & Organization Pinterest Board for helpful ideas!

Now, I need to take some of my own advice & get to work on my own small space!

· What are YOUR tips+tricks for living in a small space??

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