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I’m Krista-Lee-Pfeiffer, a mental health advocate and the owner/blogger behind TheSunnyShadow.com.

The Sunny Shadow is a mental health blog and resource. Its primary areas of focus are bipolar disorder and self-growth. This site also includes coping tools and many other aspects of mental health – like anxiety, self-harm and sobriety. The Sunny Shadow is also open to Guest Post Submissions! Read some insightful and inspiring Guest Posts here!

The Sunny Shadow’s main objectives are to educate, raise awareness, eliminate stigma, and provide hope and support — but also to help you grow from the inside-out.

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I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder approximately 13 years ago, and ever since I’ve participated in regular recovery work. I’ve also attended many years of A.A., as I’m also a recovering alcoholic. It’s from all of this my love for self-growth was born.

I enjoy sharing what I learn, what works and what doesn’t, coping tools and my ups and downs. Oh, let’s not forget about my embarrassing moments! So basically I share anything I think might be beneficial or remotely entertaining to you! Content is based on personal experience and research.

The ‘New’ Shadow Category

It’s important to me that I stay true to myself and honest with you. While one of my hopes is that this blog provides you with hope, this blog is also a creative outlet for me. And considering that I have bipolar disorder, things are not always ‘sunny’ for me. So I’ve added the “Shadow’ category so that I can share about the more shadowy side of bipolar disorder. I don’t think I’d be doing any favors by omitting that side of bipolar anyhow. To be safe, I put a Trigger Warning on the whole category, in addition to each individual post. I recommend that you read The Sunny Shadow Disclaimer before diving into the Shadow category.


Your words matter.

Personal experience is invaluable. Not only does it benefit the possessor, but it has the potential to help others in countless ways. It’s cathartic for us to share our stories. It aids in healing, as well as de-stigmatizing mental illness. Plus, you never know who needs to hear exactly what you have to say in any given moment.

Submit a guest post to be published right here on The Sunny Shadow, anonymously at your request. Please carefully read the Submission Guidelines before submitting. *Please note that submission does not guarantee publication.

Interview with Like-Minded Magazine - like-mindedmag.comOn a Personal Note

Originally, I began this blog as a creative space to call my own. Once upon a time, I was a commercial interior designer. That is, until bipolar disorder changed my life in such a way that made working outside the home no longer feasible. So, as a stay-at-home mom & caregiver to my mother, I needed something for myself. And I was vehement that it wasn’t going to center around bipolar disorder, the thing that stole my career and almost completely ruined my life. But once I began blogging, I found it difficult to open-up in the way I’d planned on without mentioning my disorder.

I began connecting with courageous mental health advocates through social media and soon my purpose became clear. I stopped fighting my disorder and began moving towards acceptance. That’s when I began to blog about something meaningful.

Fast Facts…

• My husband & I have been married for 19 years! xoXOxo

• We have a 17-year-old daughter & a 14-year-old daughter.

• We have a chubby black lab mix named Tornado.

• I have an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design that I’ve barely used (4 years).

• I drink wayyy too much coffee.

• I’m an introvert.

• I hate cooking & can’t do it very well anyhow! {Please, share your recipes! Or better yet, a chef!}

• I cannot thread a needle {My husband is beyond awesome}.

• I cannot, for the life of me, grasp who/whom.. get over it.

• I love music. Although my favorite genre is hard rock/metal, I like a little bit of everything. Some of my faves are Bring Me the Horizon, Fiona Apple, Flyleaf, Tool, & Slipknot. (Those are my Amazon Associate links, which means that: at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through one of those links, I may make a small commission. For more information on my participation in affiliate programs, read my full Privacy Policy.)



  1. Sezen Gundogan Demir

    Dear krista,
    Very much enjoyed and gathered useful info from your page..hope to get familiar via your network..im writing far far away btw, another proud bipolar from İstanbul, Turkey.
    Best wishes,

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