An Illuminating Blog Rebranding

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New Logo + New Tagline = Blog Rebranding

While I imagine that a logo redesign is always exhilarating, it entails work. And when you also change your tagline, it pretty much becomes a blog rebranding. I also rearranged the categories {I’ll get to that}. ↑

Goal: Narrow down the focus of the blog. To simplify & clarify.





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– Self-Growth –

If you’re a frequent reader, you know how I feel about self-growth. Simply put, if we’re not continually trying to be better than we were yesterday. . . then what are we doing??

To me, self-growth is a package that consists of self-discovery, self-knowledge, & self-understanding. It’s a liberating journey that leads to self-empowerment.

Self-growth involves taking complete accountability & responsibility for our lives & our circumstances, which can be frightening at times. But only because we have no else to blame for any of our problems. What’s awesome about this is that we’re creating the life we want to live & we get to live it the way we want to live it! But we have to start where we are. No rushing either! It’s a beautiful journey that’s meant to be enjoyed! Easier said than done, I know. As I’m guilty of rushing myself.

There are no time tables or limits. It’s an exciting process unique to each individual, but we can still share our experiences with one another, & the lessons learned along the way. What do you say?!

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– Bipolar Disorder –

It’s funny, when I first started this blog I was vehement that it wasn’t going to be about bipolar disorder. Because dammit, bipolar disorder does NOT define me! However, I also wanted to be transparent here. So that meant writing about bipolar disorder.

In doing so I’ve connected with others who also live with bipolar disorder. Their courage inspires & motivates me & has helped me through bipolar mixed states & depression {along with psychiatric help, duh!}. And some have even shared that I’ve helped them! What?!  Now I realize that when I write about bipolar disorder it’s not just about me. It’s about others suffering from bipolar disorder as well – 5.7 million adults in America alone.

So no, bipolar disorder does NOT define me. My character does. The type of wife, mom, daughter, friend, blogger, & overall human being I am defines me. But there’s no getting around the fact that bipolar disorder affects me, & millions of others, on a daily basis. I think that it took this blog & connecting with so many other mental health warriors for me to fully accept this part of myself. I’m truly grateful for that.

You will also notice that I’ve changed this category to Bipolar Disorder + Recovery. Addiction often goes along with bipolar disorder & mental illness in general. This was true for me. So I will continue to write about that as well.

– Blogging –

Web Hosting

This is new. The third main area I plan on focusing on is Blogging. We’ll say that it’s in “Beta.” Like I mentioned in a previous post, I often only see what I like to call my lack of. What I haven’t learned yet, everything that still needs to be done, etc. Rarely do I look at what I’ve already learned & accomplished.

That being said, I’ve learned A LOT since starting this blog. Now it would just be selfish to keep it all to myself, don’t you think? So I plan on sharing some it from time-to-time. However, it is third in line. And, oh yeah, I may even write an e-book on what I’ve learned in my first year of blogging! So watch out now! 😉


So what do you think of the blog rebranding? Thumbs up or down? My feelings aren’t easily hurt, you can be honest! Pepper Ferguson, the blogger behind Pepper Scraps, designed the new logo!  You can check out her portfolio at I think she did a fabulous job, plus she’s great to work with. Very patient.

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