Be Kind, Always

Always Be Kinder Than You Feel

It was one of those days. It began early. Which sucked a lot considering that I’ve not been getting to sleep until 4:00 a.m. So I was tired & I was going to be all day. There was no getting around it. Even my cold-brew coffee can’t compensate for that much sleep loss.

Still, I was focused on efficiency. The first stop of the day was my mom’s orthopedic appointment. Besides the early time it was no big deal. Routine. I brought my MacBook Air along so that I could, you know, be efficient.

My mom was way overdue for a haircut so that was our next stop. In the spirit of efficiency, I quickly walked her in & then left to pick-up her prescriptions from Walgreens. But when I walked back into the salon, my mom’s hairdresser flashed me a big smile & said something along the lines of, “Hi! How are you today?”

 – And that’s where it all went south. –

I must have had a scowl on my face. Or maybe it was my tone of voice? Or both. But my reply noticeably made her recoil. After we paid & left I remember feeling guilty. Though I didn’t do or say anything directly mean or nasty, it was my overall attitude. I was tired & I took it out on that lovely, innocent woman.

If I came off anything like I felt, it was bad . . .

~ “Don’t look at me. Don’t talk to me. Actually, don’t even breathe.” ~

I’ve felt guilty ever since. And ever since I’ve been seeing the above quote everywhere. “Always be kinder than you feel.” There’s obviously a lesson here for me.

Every interaction has an effect. It's up to us whether it be positive or negative.Sometimes we don’t even have to speak hurtful words to be hurtful. We can hurt people with a look or the energy we put off. I was nasty to that nice lady because I was tired & I didn’t take care of myself. It had absolutely nothing to do with her. That’s not fair!

It’s in those times, when we’re far from our best, that we need to pay extra close attention to ourselves. Plus, pushing ourselves to be kind to others, especially when we don’t feel it, will lift our spirits & possibly even turn a not so good day into a great one. We may even be rewarded with an energy boost & a rush of feel-good hormones {dopamine}. So you see, there’s really no excuse for not being kind.

I thought about sending her flowers . . .  no, weird. Then I considered mailing her a card {I don’t know her name} or simply going back to the salon to apologize. But I thought all of this may come off as weird, which I am. I finally came to realize that I’m probably giving this way more thought than she ever did. So, I’m going to forgive myself because I’m learning from it. I’m working extra hard not to repeat this behavior. In short, I’m growing from this experience.

When were you not your best self? What did you learn from the experience?

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