Best Weekend Ever: Louder Than Life Festival 2015

Slash Stage at Louder Than Life Festival 2015 in Louisville, KY
– Louder Than Life Festival 2015 | Louisville, KY –

~ a video is at the bottom ~

This weekend was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! If you’re a rock fan & the Louder Than Life Festival comes anywhere near you – GO! Louder Than Life is a two-day music festival jam-packed with popular hard rock & metal bands. The festival was held outdoors across four stages. There were over 25,000 attendees each day & 70% of them from out-of-town. This is the second year it’s come to Louisville, KY & my loving husband has taken me both years; even though rock music isn’t his thing. Poor guy. The theme of the weekend was me asking, “do you know this song?” And him without fail responding, “nope.”

I LOVE rock music. Seeing one of these bands would have been major but there were 23 bands each day!

Some of the bands: Hollywood Undead, Sevendust, Seether, Bring Me the Horizon, Chevelle, Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Nothing More, 10 Years, Hinder, Skid Row, Three Doors Down, Breaking Benjamin, Slash featuring Miles Kennedy & the Conspirators, Lyndyrd Skynyrd, Shinedown, & ZZ Top!

Me waiting for Slash to perform at the Louder Than Life Festival

My love for rock music began in middle school with Guns n’Roses. And I’ve been obsessed with Slash since then too. I mean, no one can deny that he’s a badass on that guitar. Just watch his fingers as you listen to him fluently strum the strings {swoon}.

We were determined to get up-front for the Slash concert. This meant leaving the Three Doors Down concert early & watching Breaking Benjamin {great show} from the adjacent stage. But we made it! And it was awesome for a little while. Until a bunch of kids began crowd-surfing, about knocking me down, & almost sending me into a full-fledge panic attack.

I quickly realized that my ass is too old & too sober to be up front at rock concerts anymore, which is fine by me. I got what I wanted, to see Slash {& Miles Kennedy -swoon again} up close. I wanted to focus on the music, not to only use it as an opportunity to party {like in my drinking days}.

But it was a frightening 10 mins or so. . .  Shorter & shorter of breath & on the brink of tears, the only thing that saved me was that I’d been there so many times before. I knew what to do. I knew that getting out of that crowd & into some fresh, less weedy air, would make everything okay. And it did. On the other hand, if I would’ve tried to “tough it out,” I would have broken. And in front of 25,000 people no less. Part of coping with my anxiety has been learning not to ignore my red flags. One of those red flags is the fear of being trampled. But I don’t think that’s too uncommon??

“Weedy air” – I suppose the patrolling police officers decide early on which battles to fight & busting thousands of people for a few joints isn’t one of them. I don’t know. But damn, rockers are a weed-smoking crowd. I’m not judging {partly because I can’t}, it’s just an observation.

Ferris Wheel


It was impossible not to notice all of the drunk &/or high people around us who had lost all control. Many of them had to stop dead in their tracks because they thought they were going to vomit right then & there. Not to mention the many girls {& women} who for some reason felt compelled to show their breasts every time they found themselves on camera. But you know what? Eight years ago I was in their place. Not saying that they’re all alcoholics. I’m not saying that at all.

What I’m saying is that I’m in no position to judge them, or anyone for that matter. Well, no one is really in any position to judge anyone ever. But I’ve noticed that, if not careful it’s easy to set ourselves atop pedestals. And these pedestals beget looking down on people who are in a place we once were. I’ve even seen it in the rooms of A.A. amongst old timers. That line of thinking, that lack of humility, only puts us at a greater risk of going back to that place. Once we start to think that way we’ve forgotten what it was like. And in order to maintain our sobriety we must always remember.

Pretty Lit Tree at Louder Than Life Festival, Louisville, KY 2015


I’m grateful that I was able to find compassion for everyone around me, rather than judging. I’m grateful that I was grateful for my sobriety rather than wishing I could drink too. I’m grateful that I can be in an environment like that without it affecting my sobriety. I’m grateful that I didn’t allow anxiety to overtake me. I’m grateful that I have a thoughtful, generous husband who took me to see my lifelong crush – awkward – & tons of other awesome bands. But I’m most grateful that I got to spend an entire weekend with my husband, my best friend. It really doesn’t matter what we do, every weekend we’re together is the best weekend ever

FYI {if you’re old like us}

Because it’s growing every year, the crowd is becoming more anxiety-producing. We will be paying a little extra to get VIP tickets next year so that we can avoid the crowds a little bit, have chairs, & access to nicer bathrooms. We are getting older. Our backs were killing us! Plus, I want to focus on the music. Not constantly watch my back to avoid mosh pits. Good grief! When did I get so damn old? Nonetheless, it’s totally worth it either way. This weekend ROCKED!

 » The below video contains Breaking Benjamin, Slash feat. Miles Kennedy & The Conspirators, & Shinedown. The quality gets better towards the end & I almost get all of Shinedown’s “45” & their remake of “Simple Man”. Please SUBSCRIBE to My Channel.

Appreciate the Little Things & Enjoy the Journey!



  1. Amanda

    I was there and looooved it! I loved reading this though, because, I too have really bad anxiety and do not drink either. My friends and I got right up to Collective Souls stage before they started and I had to work my way out. I felt like I could not breathe and that made me so sick. So I spent most of the afternoon sitting by the Ferris wheel on the I was perfectly content to enjoy the shows from there and rest up for Shinedown! The weekend was the best ever though and worth every penny! Will definitely be there next year! 😀 Upgraded with VIP as well! Lol

    1. Cool! So glad that you got to experience that awesome rock festival. I agree, worth every penny. We will also be there next year! Anxiety & all! Next time I will be prepared though. I’m learning different coping strategies to deal with it head one. I’ll also be trying to teach my daughter some of them along the way.

      -Have a great weekend & thanks for stopping by!

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