#BlogStaycation {Spring ’15} – Accomplishments

WOW! My head is still spinning; in the best possible way ever! I’ve just completed my first Blog Staycation! Wondering what in the world I’m talking about? It’s an event, of sorts, in which bloggers connect via social media to share tips & tools. It kicked off Thursday with a Twitter Party, then Friday & Saturday the blogging love kept flowing via Facebook Chats, & it ended Sunday back on Twitter. Oh, & everyday I received e-mails with even MORE valuable blogging info! Shew! I still haven’t had a chance to digest it all. I took screenshots of chats, made notes; I’ll be weeding through all those goodies for a while. I honestly didn’t expect this experience to motivate & inspire me the way it did. I’m sure it’s largely do to all of the fabulous bloggers it led me to connect with. Thank you for hosting Julie from Girl on the Move Blog, Jen from JENerally Informed, & Trish from The Trish List.



Any blogger will tell you that this is extremely important! Though it definitely doesn’t come easy to me, as I’m an introvert. So this was big for me, a win! I kind of feel like it’s a first step, if you will. I’m excited, if you can’t tell?!


Woot! Woot! I have that feeling of, ‘how have I lived without you all this time?’ One blogger has her blog posts planned out for three months!! Crazy! Besides being green with envy, I’m crazy motivated too. I’m visualizing my editorial calendar all full of scheduled blog posts – YES!


I took a senior blogger’s advice. I had been sending newsletters out every time I published a new post. However, one blogger suggested that if readers liked your blog that much they would come & visit it themselves. She suggested doing a weekly newsletter, so I am. It will included links to my five most recent posts & a little something more =-)


This is post counts, right?


 Seriously, this was just what I needed. All of the bloggers were welcoming & happy to share what’s worked for them, & what hasn’t. I’m excited to get to work.

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I have to give a huge shout-out to my husband, he took care of life at our house so I could connect. Thank you honey, love you♥

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  1. Jen

    Awesome! I love your editorial calendar! That is always a work in progress for me. I get it all finalized and then something pops up and things have to get moved around! It was so nice connecting with you and I am so glad you enjoyed the Staycation!

  2. You got so much done! I’m envious! I only managed to accomplish organizing my Pinterest boards. I have to admit – that was a bigger project than I first anticipated. Took almost an entire day to get it done the way I wanted and I still need to create board covers. 🙂

    1. There’s always so much more to be done! Plus organizing your Pinterest boards is a huge accomplishment, one I need to do! & board covers?? I didn’t know there were board covers. See, I have more to do than I even realized! lol Thanks for leaving a comment =-)

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