10 Must-Have Daily Meditation Books

10 Must-Have Daily Meditation Books | TheSunnyShadow.com >> Click to Read!Reading daily meditation books has been a part of my morning routine ever since I got sober. I’ve come to view them as part of my recovery plan. Just taking those few moments in the morning to read two to three readings grounds and centers me. I then try to remain mindful throughout my day and carry the most relevant reading with me. Sometimes I even go back later in the day and re-read it.

Of the meditation books below, I own numbers 1, 2, and 10. The others are on my wishlist! -hint, hint 😉

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The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie: This is my most favorite daily meditation book. It’s inspirational while being solution-focused, and every day is relatable. I feel that I grow a little more with each day I read it. Plus, its index is thorough and highly convenient. For example, if I’m struggling with guilt, I know there’s likely a meditation on that so I just flip to the index and find the relating page(s).

Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach: Through its daily meditations and mini lessons, this book inspires women to fulfill their passions and live authentically.

Believing In Myself: Self-Esteem Daily Meditations by Earnie Larsen: Everyday, there’s a fresh meditation reading to teach you, to help heal you, to help grow you – increasing your self-esteem all along the way.

Daily Affirmations for Adult Children of Alcoholics by Rokelle Lerner: This book aims to tackle that little, but not so quiet, self-deprecating voice in your head. It teaches you to direct your thoughts. “Today I acknowledge that I have emotions – but I am more than my emotions. I recognize this day that I have thoughts, but I am more than my thoughts. I need not cling to uncomfortable feelings or negative thoughts today….. “

50 Mindful Steps to Self-Esteem: Everyday Practices for Cultivating Self-Acceptance and Self-Compassion by Janetti Marotta: This book offers 50, easy-to-implement, mindfulness-based practices aimed at increasing self-awareness and decreasing self-criticism. This book provides you with actionable steps.

The Woman’s Book of Courage: Meditations for Empowerment and Piece of Mind by Sue Patton Thoele: “Courage is having the strength and willingness to overcome our resistance and do what we feel is right, even though it is difficult and/or we are afraid. It takes tremendous courage to face our fears, though it is essential that we do. For it is only when we free ourselves from the leg irons of fear, accepting and honoring the wisdom, strength, and beauty we inherently possess, that we can truly find the happiness we seek.”

Daily Gratitude: 365 Days of Reflection by National Geographic: This book combines beautiful imagery with daily inspirational quotes. “Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.” ~St. Francis of Assisi

The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want By Being Present In the Life You Have by Marc Nepo: This book’s daily meditations draw on many different spiritual traditions and include a short exercise at the end of each one!

Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul by Melodie Beattie: This book aims to help you uncover the peace, healing, power and passion that’s already within you. Thus, the journey to your heart.

Day by Day: Daily Meditations for Recovering Addicts (Hazelden Meditations): This is a classic for a reason. It offers inspirational messages of hope in line with A.A.’s principles. It poses open-end questions to encourage action and is applicable to everyday life.

 What are your favorite daily meditation books and which ones are on your wish list?


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