Deep Breathing: A Basic “How-To” + Free Download!

Deep Breathing: A Basic 'How-To' by TheSunnyShadow >> Click to Read!Deep Breathing is a simple and effective coping tool that anyone can do. A couple of reasons it’s so great is that it can be carried out anywhere and we’re always equipped to do it. All we need is ourselves.

Deep breathing triggers the body’s Natural Relaxation Response, which is a state of rest that changes our physical and emotional response to stress. Once triggered,  heart rate slows down, muscles relax, breathing becomes slower, and blood pressure even decreases. This makes deep breathing a “go-to” coping tool for anxiety. But it’s a basic coping tool everyone should learn how to do properly and keep in their coping toolboxes. That’s why I included it in my recent post, 31 Days of Self-Care.

There are many types of breathing exercises, but below you’ll find a basic guide to help anyone who’s just getting started.


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Deep Breathing: A Basic "How-To" | >> Free Download!

Deep Breathing: A Basic "How-To" | >> Free Download!
Included in Download!

Do you have any deep breathing tips for people just starting out? What other breathing exercises do you recommend?



  1. Hi Krista, something as simple as deep breathing can really help. Going into a busy supermarket is enough to raise my heart beat and bring on a feeling of anxiety (I tend to shop when it’s quite) and I find myself taking control of how I feel by taking control of my breathing. I don’t count as I inhale and exhale, I just focus on breathing really slowly and deeply and I find it helps no end, partly I believe, because my focus is taken away from the people around and internalized.


    1. Quite smart of you, to go when it’s quiet. Where I live, if I tried to that I’d likely be going in the middle of the night. Busy! Glad that deep breathing helps you. We don’t count when we use with my daughter either, and it’s still effective.This was just a general guide. Again, thanks so much for stopping by!!! -Krista

  2. Learning deep breathing is invaluable. I find my breathing very shallow and it never occurred to me until I started running last year. So yeah now just to remember to take a deep breath every so often ;). Thanks for reminding us!

    1. I agree, deep breathing was a lifesaver when my youngest daughter first started suffering from panic attacks. Of course, my own psychiatrist recommended it to me many years ago. But it wasn’t until I saw that it could benefit my daughter that I paid it any attention. Typical. It really does work! I’m always looking for coping tools. So if you know of any more good ones, feel free to send them my way! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! -Krista

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