Long Cardigan Collage
1. Revolve “Eloise Star & Moon Long Draped Cardigan” | 2. ASOS “ASOS Maxi Longline Cardigan In Fine-knit with Mohair”

I’m currently having a major first world problem. I saw this long draped cardigan on Revolve’s website & I am now completely obsessed with it. The problem is, I would never pay $167 for a piece of clothing. Usually this would be no big deal. It’s typically how I roll; I get “inspired” by the more expensive designer brands & then hunt down less expensive look-alikes. Have you been to Target lately??! Their clothes just keep getting better, just sayin’. I digress {sorry}, in this case I’m not having the same luck. Nothing compares, at least from what I’ve seen. So I will either: (A) Buy nothing. OR (B) Settle for an incomparable wannabe, as the “Lauren Moshi – Eloise Star & Moon Long Draped Cardigan” dances in my head… surrounded by palpitating hearts, fireworks, angels, & chirping birds. Sigh. It will most likely be (A) because (B) is just no way to live. #FirstWorldProblems

Here are “similar” long cardigans that I’ve found so far. What do you think??

3. Forever 21 "Shawl Collar Maxi" | 4. H&M "Fine-knit Cardigan" | 5. Nordstrom
3. Forever 21 “Shawl Collar Maxi” | 4. H&M “Fine-knit Cardigan” | 5. Nordstrom

I basically live in some type of cardigan all-year round because I’m always cold. They’re so versatile. They can totally change the feel of an entire outfit. Just throw on a fancy cardigan & poof, you’re all dressed up! Never-mind the fact that they’re extremely cozy.

Seriously though, if anyone comes across a long draped cardi that’s a dead-ringer for #1, please leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail =-)

What are your current fashion cravings??

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