Guest Post: A Dollar and A Dime; a poem by Frank Wright

Mr. Frank Wright returns to The Sunny Shadow with another moving poem for his second guest post! Checkout his first guest post, also a poem, Suicide Note. . .

A Dollar and A Dime; a poem by Frank Wright

I left the job site to go have lunch. I walked down a street I didnt use very much.
I noticed a homeless man in an alley, looking like he just crawled from out of a sewer.
No shoes on, ripped up dirty clothes, smelling like chitterlings and cow manure.
But, when he looked into my eyes, I felt all of his pain
I apologized for judging him without knowing his name
Then I told him this…”Your a child of God and yes, he sees your struggle, and I pray that he reaches down and pulls you from the rubble.” Then, I pulled out my wallet, looked through credit cards, receipts, and a bunch of junk I should of thrown away sitting next to my I.D. But then I saw it, though I had to squint my eye, within all junk…a dollar and a dime. It was the only cash I had and I gave it gladly. I wish I had much more to give because he was so raggedly. But then, something happened as I was going to turn and walk away. Something deep inside of me said drop right now and pray.
I disregarded the puddles, the dirt, the grime. I lost all fear of
darkness and the potential for crime. On our knees, our heads bowed
with my hands in his. I prayed hard, I prayed loud, then we both said AMEN . God loves you my friend, I’m sorry I couldnt do more.
My lunch break is over, gotta head back to the store. A few months pass, I got promoted since then. I been saving money up for my homeless friend. So, with happiness in my heart, I waited for lunch
I walked down the street I didnt use very much
panickly, frantically, I looked for my homeless friend
I looked in every alley twice, then went back and looked again
As time went by, I often thought about the man in the alley
I even thought about him as i watched T.V., though I was quite unhappy. I began to watch a television show who’s host has a well known name. She had a guest who’s name I didnt know but he was wealthy just the same. He began to tell the story of how he became rich. I began to listen closely thinking I could use some tips.
He said he decided one day to write his life story, the title of his book, From Garbage To Glory. He had showed the finished product to the manager of a small book shop. the manager showed it to a publisher, but thats not where it stops. The publisher showed it to a movie director friend and when he took a look, plans were set in motion for a movie deal and books. Offers were made, checks were written, his life was changed with one decision. But before that, he says with a serious look on his face and a eerie silence envelops the place, I was so deep in shame, self hatred and fear. My my soul was lonely, my mind was unclear. I had made plans to take my own life..broken glass, my wrist, one deep slice. But, a man came along with such kindness and compassion that though my body was in a alley, my mind was in a mansion. He let me know that I was deserving of life and told me how God goes to the darkest places and shines the brightest light. So I decided to live and write my life story and about the impact one man made on mine, using the note book and pencil I bought… with a dollar and a dime. When I realized who the author was, I fell down to the floor!! Just then, there was a loud knock, knocking on my door. I opened my door and there they were, right in front of me, the host and the author I was watching on T.V.! The episode I was watching was a month old by then and in that time, they tracked me down through family and friends. There he was, the man from the alley, in a suit and tie. We hugged and talked and as we did, we both broke down and cried. Before leaving, he said “Always trust in God, always pay your debts, and never forget your true friends.”
Then he paid me back a dollar and a dime
plus, a million dollars, times ten!

(c) Frank Wright 2015

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