Guest Post: Suicide Note by Frank Wright

I’m thrilled to introduce The Sunny Shadow’s first guest, Mr. Frank Wright! Through his poetry, Frank somehow turns wretched circumstance into beauty. This poem in particular stuck with me. Still thinking about it days after reading it, I bravely asked Frank if he’d share it here with all of you. Generously, he agreed! In fact, he offered another — You can find it here. Without further ado. . .

Suicide Note; A Poem By Frank Wright

This is my self murder message, my suicide note.
you wont find me in the river cause the unloved doesnt float
never been encouraged, never knew the meaning of hope
and since you didnt love me, you wont miss me when I’m gone
You didnt have to hit me so much, I was begging you to stop
It hurt my little body so bad, bruises and blood loss
You didnt have to call me all those hurtful names
You didnt have to yell at me and make me so ashamed
I prayed real hard that you would one day say you loved me
or that you would encourage or reach out and hug me
Im in my room alone watching a roach crawl up the wall
wondering if he has a family that loves him at all
Then, I look out of the window at the grass wondering why
does something so beautiful get stepped on all the time
Every day I prayed and wished that I was someone else
because you hated me so much, i began to hate myself
I wish you had taken me to the park or read a book to me
I understand, you didnt have time, too busy whooping me
Wire hangers, switches, telephone cords
crying out in pain but in my mind, “Please help me Lord!!”
Down on the floor looking up at my oppressor
drops of my blood splashing up against the dresser
You will find me in the closet, neck surrounded by rope
feet above my shoes, back near my coat
And if my eyes are open, can you close them for me please
cause that smirk on your face is something I dont want to see
I was smiling as I prepared the rope cause I was hoping
that God was waiting for me with his arms wide open
And I cant wait to be in a casket
to finally be loved even if its by maggots
My chores are done, I took my bath
I hope that you are proud
and even though you hated me, I loved you

Signed, Abused Child

(c) frank Wright 2015

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  1. Beautiful with so much sadness…knowing the pain n suffering of innocent children. So young n affraid. Yet no fear when they know how to stop n end their pain.
    It breaks my heart.
    Thank u for sharing
    S. Perez

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