HAPPY HOLIDAYS! – See you back here when they’re over!

HOLIDAY BELLI have to admit that I’ve not been in the holiday spirit, which is unfortunate but no big deal. However, what is a big deal, to me, is that my 12-year-old has said, on more than one occasion, that, “It doesn’t even feel like Christmas.” -That tells me that I’m not fully doing my job as a parent, at least not the job I want to be doing.

I feel that it’s my responsibility to create that “Christmasy feeling” & atmosphere for my children. The one that I grew up knowing & the one that they’ve grown accustomed to. It’s important to me because it’s important to them.

Thus far, I’ve obviously not mastered that whole Finding Balance thing… so I will be taking a break from blogging until after the holidays because I have more important, more special, more precious little creatures to entertain… & that’s just fine with me! Actually, that’s what I’ve been wanting to do all along but for some reason I’ve put this undue pressure on myself to keep all of these plates spinning at the same time! -I have a way of doing that. So I’ve decided to stop {for now}!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS to EVERYONE! I will see you back here when they’re over. Take a second to remember what is truly important in life… I’ll give you a hint {F _ M _L Y }.

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