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Why do we feel the need to live according to others' expectations of us? Often those expectations imposed upon us by others are not reality-based, they're a figment of our own imaginations. Let Go & Be You! >> Read Full Post >> by TheSunnyShadow.com“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” ~Albert Camus

What’s heartbreaking about this quote is that it’s true. I used to be one of these people. Every time I stepped out of my house I immediately went into defense-mode. It was like, suddenly, I became this fragile person who I didn’t even know. I lived in fear; of what, I’m still not completely sure. Fear itself?

I felt like a fraud, like I was constantly wearing a mask. And now I’m watching a loved one suffer this.

Why do we feel the need to live according to others’ expectations of us?

More accurately, what we think are others’ expectations of us. See, that’s the thing. We’re not even sure what those expectations are. We waste so much energy concerning ourselves with what other people think, when most of the time they’re not even. 

Often those expectations imposed upon us by others are not reality-based, they’re a figment of our own imaginations.

How do you convince someone of this fact?

We’re all beautifully, weirdly, imperfectly, perfect – just the way we are.

Let’s focus less on trying to be like the person standing next to us & the one standing next to her. Instead, let’s live the life we want to live, not bound by another’s opinion – real or imagined, a loved one’s or a stranger’s. There will always be haters & trolls along the way, that’s human nature.

But the power of choice is also human nature, we can choose to let go.

Quote: "It's never too late to become the person who you might have been." ~George Eliot -via TheSunnyShadow.com

A few more quotes. . .

“Ignore People That Are Shitty.”

“BELIEVE in your fucking SELF.” ♥

“Being different is one of the most beautiful things in the world.”

“Embrace your “you”ness.” -via @lesleyinprogress {instagram}

Listen, I know it’s not a simple thing. . . to completely change the way you experience the world. It requires self-acceptance. But I’ve been there so I know it can be done. I no longer put on a mask to face the world. As you can see, I pretty much let it all hang out. And nothing catastrophic has happened thus far.

Just don’t give up. You’re worth it. You’re NOT alone. Your beauty is visible even when you can’t see it.


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