The Little Things {1st edition}

I am introducing my 1st SERIES! – Woot! Woot!

In my previous post, 20 Lessons My Life Has Taught Me {thus far}, one of the lessons is: “Learn To Appreciate the Little Things.” It’s the little, everyday things that add up to fill our lives with joy… if we let them. This simple series will feature life’s joyful, little, everyday things. I’ll try really hard not to fill each post of the series with my family; they’re obviously what brings the most joy to my life. Follow along & let me know what you think… no, I mean what you really think. Have suggestions? Let me know! Please feel free to share the little ways you find joy in your everyday life as well! I would love to share them in the series, giving you credit of course {unless you specify otherwise}. Here are just a few little things that make me happy:

Doing Just About Anything with My Husband

My best friend & husband of 17 years. Infinite Love xoXOxo
– My best friend & husband of 17 years. Infinite Love xoXOxo –

You know how it is with your best friend… It doesn’t really matter what you do; as long as you’re together it’s going to be a good time. I love it when we’re able to find a TV show that we both enjoy. Right now we’re watching Justified & Banshee; can’t wait for House of Cards & Orange Is the New Black! He also makes things that I hate to do enjoyable, like going grocery shopping. Ugh. However, when he goes with, it’s not bad at all. I kind of like him 😉


Yes, please & thank you!
– Yes! Please & Thank You! –

Sadly, in my life coffee is no “little” thing. I honestly think I may have a coffee addiction. I’ll quit tomorrow. {jk}

Picking-Up My 15-year-old Daughter from Practice

- A Lady in the Streets & a Beast in the Cleats! -
– A Lady in the Streets & a Beast in Cleats –

After practice my 15-year-old daughter has this adrenaline high, which is normal & healthy. However, I also benefit from it because she’s more talkative & willing to share what’s really going on in her world. I’ve learned to take advantage of these little moments. Shhh! Don’t tell her though.

Watching Anything “Kardashian” with my 12-year-old Daughter

My 12-year-old daughter & I get into some pretty heated discussions about the Kardashians. She does NOT like Scott AT ALL & can’t understand why Kourtney is still with him. Of course I totally understand where she’s coming from, but for some reason I kind of like the guy. Anyhow, you get my point…  Quality, mind-numbing time with my daughter. And, she is hilarious btw. I appreciate every opportunity that I get to spend one-on-one time with her.


- My 3rd & 4th children. -
– My 3rd & 4th children. –

I’m actually NOT technologically savvy AT ALL, but I don’t let that stop me! Technology rocks!

– Gratitude is a choice & today I am grateful –

So, what are some of YOUR little things?

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