My Favorite Budget-Friendly Beauty Products

<center>My Favorite Budget-Friendly Beauty Products</center>

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Q-tips Precision Tips

MY #1 MUST-HAVE. I’m really messy so I use these q-tips for everything; from removing excess mascara to applying concealer. They’re little magical wands!

I don’t wear much make-up yet I still use lots of beauty products; & like most women, I have my favorites. However, I’m not one of those chicks who’s loyal to one brand, I find that mindset confining. I want the best product for the job & find it hard to believe that one product line is going to be the best at everything. That being said, my beauty bag contains a hodgepodge of different brands -don’t judge {or do, whatever}. The products below are the best I’ve found to fit my specific needs, thus far. What are my specific needs? First, all products must be budget-friendly. Of course there are certain products I will pay a little more for, like a hardworking eye cream. Have you seen the luggage I’m packin’ under these eyes??! However, I don’t think that’s something eye cream can fix, so I probably need to work on accepting that part of myself &/or become a badass at applying concealer. Last, but definitely not least, is my sensitive skin that drives me crazy. So yeah, that’s basically what I’m working with.

My go-to budget-friendly brands for sensitive skin are Simple, Cetaphil, & Cerave.

I truly want to wear more make-up but simply don’t have the time to confidently apply it. I never really learned how; so if I wear anything more than powder foundation & mascara it takes me FORever because I’m all OCD about it. If you see me wearing eyeliner, well, I’m ballin’ that day! I just don’t understand how you ladies pull-off flawless make-up so quickly! Sigh.

If you’re interested in any of the products below simply click on its name underneath its picture. It’s a link & will take you to a website where that product is available. I typically buy my beauty products from Walgreens, Target, Sephora, & Macy’s. Where do you shop?



Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash claims to be as ‘Gentle as Water.’ While I wouldn’t go that far, it’s fairly mild albeit a little drying. Ideally, I like to follow-up with this Simple Soothing Facial Toner. It’s 100% alcohol-free & includes Witch Hazel, Chamomile, & Pro-Vitamin B5. It is soothing & minimizes pores. I recommend Simple, “Sensitive Skin Experts,” to anyone with sensitive skin. I use these Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths when I’m too lazy to actually wash my face. My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil, along with Cerave. Oh, and The Oil Cleansing Method, LOVE-LOVE-LOVE! Read my post about it here.



This e.l.f. eyelash curler is amazing & mine was only about $1.00! These Revlon True Precision Tweezers are the best I’ve ever used & they come with a lifetime guarantee. Finding a few tried & true items that have become staples in my beauty bag is a little thing that makes me happy. They’re a few less things I have to think about. I have to be honest though, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect eye cream. Let me know if you find it! Please.


I read something recently that said anyone over the age of 30{?} should no longer wear powder because it settles into & draws attention to wrinkles. But, that’s all I feel comfortable wearing! I’ve never bothered to perfect the art of applying liquid foundation or any tinted liquid {eg. BB Cream}! Plus, I don’t like the feel of anything remotely heavy on my face. I especially like Shiseido’s Sheer Matifying Compact because it does everything it says perfectly. It’s the perfect amount of sheer, it’s perfectly matifying AND it has SPF! It’s also light-weight while still providing enough coverage. It’s perfect! What do you use?? Leave A Comment =-)

— LIPS —

I particularly like tinted lip balms & Burt’s Bees has several of them. Again, I’m not comfortable with the whole make-up thing so tinted lip balm rocks my world. I know, I’m pathetic. I’m 37 years old & can’t apply make-up. What’s worse is that the older I get the more I need it. I know that if I simply dedicated a little time to it, practiced a little, I would improve over time; but… yeah…

— HAIR —

Argan Oil smells sooooooo good! Love it!



What are your go-to budget-friendly beauty products?… More specifically, what eye cream do you use?? Leave A Comment =-)

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