My Weekend… For Real

Friday & Saturday were filled with excitement & LOTS of quality family time. My oldest daughter played in a fastpitch softball tournament with her high school. Since it was almost two hours away from home most of the team spent Friday night in a hotel, as did we. She played two games Friday evening & three games Saturday. My baby girl {whom I sometimes refer to as A BEAST} pitched great both days! She would be utterly embarrassed by the previous sentence, which I take pleasure in. My family loves to aggravate & tease each other. I appointed her a theme song {Going Down for Real by Flo Rida ft. Sage the Gemini & Lookas – video below} & jokingly threatened to play it as she walks onto the pitching rubber. She in turn threatened to walk back into the dugout if I do so. Lol. Checkout the video below…

I love watching her play. Seeing her do well in something she enjoys fills me with joy. My husband & I are so proud of her & how far she’s come in so little time. She’s pretty special.

While Friday & Saturday were fun-filled, they were also an introvert’s worst nightmare… From the constant inane chit-chat, to the noise – so much noise… Oh, & ZERO alone-time. Introvert Tip: Always carry earbuds/headphones with you. There will come a time when you feel like you’re going to spontaneously combust. Earbuds help by blocking out noise; even if they’re not attached to anything!

For an introvert, having fun comes at a mighty high price. Yes, even fun drains our energy. Everything & everyone are ‘energy vampires.’ It  started Saturday, the exhaustion, dizziness & overall sick feeling. By Sunday I was sucked completely dry. I slept late & stayed in bed literally all day. Feeling physically ill & mentally depleted, I needed quiet alone-time to recharge. Props, once again, to my husband for picking-up the slack.

Unfortunately this isn’t anything new, on some level I expected this. This is why I don’t do Black Friday anymore. Though I enjoy it, that one Friday ruins my whole weekend; it’s simply not worth it. Until now I’ve just kind of accepted it, accommodated it even – my introversion & its ‘symptoms.’ If my energy is too low I cancel plans. I screen phone calls, who I answer for is based solely on my current energy-level & how much that particular person requires {or sucks out of me}. On days like Sunday, I stay in bed to recharge. Until now, I’ve been able to ‘get away’ with this behavior, as I don’t work & have a flexible schedule. However, lately my energy is being stolen from me with more swift & ease. I’m finding that days like Sunday are becoming more frequent & my battery is consistently running low.

Considering that softball season is just starting up & we have many more of these weekends ahead of us, I’ve got to figure something out! What’s more, both of my daughters are introverts as well. Although we’ve discussed it a little, I still have concerns about how always being on the go will affect them. Don’t even get me started on how the school systems are designed to accommodate extroverts! I’ll be sharing a post on some of these sentiments at a later date. Anyhow, I have concerns & something has to change.

I want to fully enjoy all time spent with my family without worrying about the consequences of doing so. My daughters are growing up so fast, I feel like they’re slipping through my fingers & before I know it they’ll be gone & off to college! I need to be my best self so that I can enjoy every precious last second that I have with them.

So what’s my actionable step? First, I’m going to head to my doctor to rule out other possibilities. Second, I’m going to work on managing my energy better. This can be done! As introverts we don’t have to be victims to energy vampires. We can take control of our energy & that’s exactly what I intend to do!

How was your weekend? Tell me all about it!

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