Not Just “The Fun Dad”

Not Just "The Fun Dad"*This is my 1st post of the SITS girls “Stop the Summer Slump Writing Challenge.” A post/day all week! . . .*

When I was 16, I definitely wasn’t considering the qualities in which make a good father. I was simply smitten with this cute new boy who had suddenly entered my life. He was different. My mom says she knew immediately, but I had no clue that he was the man I’d eventually marry.

We married young, I was 19. Three years later we had our first daughter. Almost three years after that we had our second, & last. This is when I received my first clue as to the kind of father he’d become. He would get up in the middle of the night to care for our newborn baby girls. Even though he had worked all day & had to work the next. That’s just part of who he is, a natural nurturer.

This man is the most generous person I’ve ever met. And please know, I don’t believe in exaggerating. It truly makes him happy to see the people he loves happy. This is probably why he loves to surprise us. He has this way about him, you always feel beautiful in his presence. You always feel good about yourself when he’s near. He’s your number one fan & biggest supporter.

Oh, & he is funny. The cutest thing is when he also thinks he’s funny & laughs at himself. The sweetest, most genuine little grin appears on his face as he silently bounces up & down in laughter. It really is quite adorable. You just have to be there I guess.

Our girls are now 13 & 15 & they love their Daddy so much. He’s set the bar high for any & all future potential suitors. Because of him, they’ve acquired high standards.

He’s not just “the fun dad.” He is the fun dad, but he’s that & more. He doesn’t shy away from difficult talks. In fact, he takes advantage of every teachable moment. Sometimes to our daughters’ chagrin, but they’ve grown to expect it & I think appreciate it. I think they appreciate his frankness. I believe it’s what has led them to be so open with us.

Though I would never advise anyone to marry at as young an age as I, I’m thankful to be married to my best friend. I’m thankful thatMy husband, Zachary my daughters have an amazing father that’s always there for them. He has no idea how much he is adored. But he is. He’s loved dearly.

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