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Soap.Club is a small family run company that creates all-natural, organic, handmade soaps. Some of their ingredients include organic oils, like olive, coconut, & soybean; shea butter, & essential oils & fragrances. They share that many of their scents provide the same properties as those used in aromatherapy & wellness programs. I believe this to be true, as I couldn’t bring myself to get out of the shower! Seriously, I re-washed my entire body because this soap smells that good!

Soap.Club offers its customers the options of joining their monthly membership service OR purchasing individual bars online. This is something I think many membership services overlook. Not everyone wishes to join a club, but Soap.Club provides this convenient option for those who purchase regularly. Memberships start at $12.95/mo. & include free shipping, bonus samples, & other perks. If you plan on purchasing a minimum of one bar per month, it makes sense to join.


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I counted 72 available scents on the Soap.Club website. However, I purchased my bar of soap on where I chose the Almond Cherry Blossom Bliss scent. I usually buy lotions & shower gels in a cherry blossom scent.

Perfectly Fragranced.

I have to say, while waiting on my soap to arrive I was optimistically concerned about the fragrance. I’m extremely sensitive to fragrances, as they easily trigger migraines in me. But thankfully, I had nothing to worry about! Although this soap is quite fragrant, it’s not irritating in any way. In fact, I personally think the soap is perfectly fragranced. It’s not too strong but it’s not too faint either. It smells delicious & luxurious at the same time, if that’s possible. I couldn’t help but to take a long shower because of it!

I’d like to order more to sit out in the bathroom, in my laundry & clothing closets, &/or tuck them away in my clothing drawers to make my clothes smell nice.





This handmade Almond Cherry soap includes natural & organic olive, coconut, soybean, & hemp oils; organic shea butter, & essential oils & fragrances. It’s a good size bar of soap:  3″ x 3″ x 1.” It contains what I believe to be bits of almonds too, which are naturally exfoliating.

It’s not just soap. It’s real soap.

I honestly didn’t anticipate falling in love with this soap in the way I have… Or any soap for that matter. I mean, it’s soap. But once I got in the shower & lathered up {it lathers nicely by the way}, I realized that it’s not just soap. It’s real soap. It’s what soap is supposed to be; not what we buy in supermarkets with tons of ingredients we can’t even pronounce.

Rinses completely clean.

It’s not as slick as those supermarket soaps, meaning it doesn’t glide as smoothly against the skin. It’s just a tad sticky. But that’s how real soap is. I know  this because I’ve used an organic, homemade soap before. But, this Soap.Club soap rinses completely clean! There’s no residual film left behind.

My ONLY disappointments are…

My ONLY disappointments with this soap are that my skin was a bit dry post-shower, which surprised me with all of the oils it contains. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I washed twice? Additionally, the fragrance didn’t linger post-shower like I thought it would. I was looking forward to smelling it throughout the day. Oh well. I still love it & I’m going to continue using it!


The fact that soap is the only product that Soap.Club makes is probably what allows them to do it so well. Overall, I fell in love with this soap. My favorite things about the Almond Cherry Blossom Bliss soap are the fragrance, not too strong but not too faint, & that it rinses completely clean. My least favorite thing is that my skin was fairly dry post-shower. Still, I could totally see joining their monthly membership service because of the value, perks, & convenience. I can’t wait to try some of their other scents; there are so many!

Did you find this Soap.Club review helpful? Have you ever used their soaps?

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