The Lifetime Journey of Self-Discovery

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“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

The unspoken, preconceived notion that we should know exactly who we are by a certain age is, well, bullshit. It can be extremely limiting & mind-narrowing. It’s okay not to know precisely who we are or exactly where we’re going. It can even be liberating when we realize that we own the power to create the person we want to be. And in all actuality, most of us normal folk feel that way from time-to-time. From time-to-time we get lost, as life is a journey & it’s common to get lost on journeys.

Within the journey of life is the journey of self-discovery. And the exhilarating adventure of self-discovery is a ride I don’t want to get off of – & I never will. None of us will. That’s because self-discovery is a lifetime process.

By definition, discover means to see, get knowledge of, learn of, find, or find out {something previously unseen or unknown}; to notice or realize

Self-discovery is the unearthing of something that already exists inside us. These things (traits, talents, likes or dislikes, etc.) have always been in our subconscious, motivating our thoughts, decisions, & actions. When we uncover them we bring them to the forefront. What we do from here matters (or doesn’t). It’s important that we choose to use our new self-knowledge in a beneficial manner. Maybe it helps us grow in some way, maybe it enables us to help others, or maybe it simply helps us more comfortably navigate through life.

“Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.”
~ Gerard Way

Who Am I?In recovery, I’ve had the simple but beautiful realization that we can start over at anytime. If we don’t like who we’ve become, we can create new & improved versions of ourselves. Of course, there may need to be some basic variables that remain unchanged. For example, some of us are parents so we can’t totally start over, nor would we want to. We have responsibilities that need maintaining.

I started over when I got sober. A better version of myself emerged. But similar to the above quote, it was necessary for parts of my old self to die in the process. I uncovered strength & courage of which I had no clue existed. I’ve since used it to guide myself & loved ones through tough times. But it was always within me, it was simply a matter of finding it. Now that I have there’s no way I’m letting it go!

We Always Have Options

Not everyone’s re-creation will be as dramatic. But how beautiful & freeing it is to know that we have options & we can be whoever we want. How exciting it is to know that we will never stop learning new things about ourselves & others. Don’t you find it enjoyable to watch loved ones, especially children, discover who they are?

How encouraging it is to know that: no matter how far down we fall, we possess the power of choice. This means that we can choose to re-create ourselves & our lives at anytime. Yep, if we’re willing, we can hit the reset button & start over. We’re never trapped or too far gone. There’s always hope, for all of us.

Stay Open. Stay Willing.

My experience has also taught me that self-discovery isn’t always butterflies & roses. Sometimes it’s a painful process. Yet it’s in these times we learn & grow the most. That is, if we’re open & willing.

It’s Okay

It seems that most of us have felt lost at one point or another in our lives. Okay, let’s up that to several times. For example, sometimes caregivers, especially parents, gradually lose themselves in the caregiving process. Then one day they look in the mirror & ask themselves, ‘who am I & how did I get here?’ It’s common for caregivers to give, give, give & then not have the energy &/or time to think about themselves. But this is only one example. There doesn’t have to be a reason to get lost. Sometimes it just happens. And maybe sometimes it needs to happen. Perhaps otherwise we wouldn’t take the required time to look within & make such life-changing discoveries about ourselves. Below you will find some ways to get UNlost…

He not busy being born is busy dying.”
~ Bob Dylan

Spark Self-Discovery

• Questions To Spark Self-Discovery

• Additional Questions To Spark Self-Discovery

• Self-Discovery Questions

• Practice Mindfulness.

• Take Quiet-Time in the Evening to Reflect On the Day.

• Develop a Morning Routine that consists of quiet time to Reflect on Goals, or participate in Spiritual Practices, Meditation, Affirmations, &/or Visualizations.

• Exercise. Try it without music, T.V. or reading so that it’s just you & your thoughts.

• 101 Journal Prompts available in the Free Download Library! Not a subscriber yet? No problem. Subscribe here.

Self-discovery is a lifetime journey full of adventure & opportunity. It provides options of growth or complacency. -Which will you choose?


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