The Little Things: Blogging Edition

It’s been quite some time since the last installment of The Little Things. If you’re new here, Welcome! This is a series in which I share some of the little things that bring joy to my life. Today though, it’s all about blogging!

We take so much for granted without even realizing it. Though I found that out the hard way several years ago, I still find myself slipping back into that old way of thinking from time-to-time… Lacking gratitude.

Try This: Consciously make mental notes throughout your day of the little things that make you happy, the tinier the better. You’ll be surprised at how much your overall mood is elevated!

Rest assured, the long gap between this post & the last Little Things is not because I haven’t had anything to be grateful for. It’s more like, all of those awesome things have kept me preoccupied. So what are some of the little things I’m grateful for today?


So I kept reading about how important it is to connect with other bloggers. Me, being the introvert that I am, ignored this valuable advice for way too long. I do not recommend this. The sooner you reach out & begin building relationships the more you’ll learn & the quicker your blog will grow. Of course my blog is still in its infancy, but that’s precisely my point. I’m so grateful that I’ve found THE BEST group of bloggers so early in my blogging career! If a newbie happens to be reading this right now, I urge you to seek out & connect with a tribe/group of bloggers. Ask to join their group! All they can say is no. Believe me, if your blog’s important to you it’s worth the risk. When you do find a group, be an ACTIVE member. Don’t just take. Also give. Even us new bloggers have something to offer. I promise. I my group!


The Little Things

I am SO PSYCHED about Buffer! It’s a social media scheduling program that I just signed up with. You can connect up to 11 social profiles for $10/mo. I’ve connected my Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook Page, & Google+ Page. I was simply hunting for a Pinterest scheduler but then Buffer blew me away. I think they offer a lot at a low price compared to other scheduling services. I was using the free version of HooteSuite & while there wasn’t anything wrong with it, per se, I couldn’t add Pinterest. No hard feelings but moving on…

YAY! Like, seriously… you have no idea how excited I am. I’m hoping this makes my life a lot easier & keeps me social!

 – WiFi & Mobile HotSpot –

The Little Things

I never in a million years thought I’d be that person. The person who’s connected 24/7 & is bordering on a tech addiction. Well that’s me. This weekend my husband said he was going to unplug the router for a bit & well, I’ll just say that I’m not proud of my reaction. Sigh.

However, my phone does have a mobile hotspot that I use way too often. It comes in handy so much with L’s busy softball schedule. Yes sadly, this brings me much joy. There’s a lot of down time before, between, & after the games. Not to mention the long car rides. I  technology! How did we make it before? Just kidding! {kinda}

Web Hosting

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My Editorial Calendar also rocks my blogging world! But enough about me, what are YOU grateful for today? Leave a comment!

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