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The Summer Picnic*SITSGirls Stop the Summer Slump Writing Challenge | Day 4*

Ahhh . . . The Summer Picnic. For me, it arouses jovial memories of family. Nature, obviously. And at times, tranquility. The funny thing is, I have no concrete memories of the actual food served.

My memories consist mostly of people, emotions, & sensations. Though I have to admit, it was food that brought us all together. Food has a funny way of doing that, doesn’t it? Whether it be Thanksgiving Day or Sunday Dinner, food is the facilitator. So why not make it delicious, right?

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My fondest picnic memory is from my childhood. Though I’m an only child, I come from a fairly large family. My mom is one of nine brothers & sisters. So we had to take more than one picnic basket, you know what I mean?

I’m not sure if it was because I’m an only child, but I used to love it when the whole family got together like that. Everyone was happy & getting along. I think that’s it! . . . When you come from a large family, there’s always bound to be someone having a disagreement about something. Or is that just my family?

But those are memories, NO, feelings that will stay with me forever. I cherish these memories & the emotions around them because my family will never get together in that way again. Partially because we couldn’t even if we wanted to. Many of my aunts & uncles have passed away. And family disagreements are still brewing. It sucks when you grow-up & realize that things aren’t the way you created them to be in your mind.

Still, for me The Summer Picnic will forever provoke jovial & amiable memories of family.

What does The Summer Picnic mean to you? Have any recipes you’d like to share???

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