The Thing About Bipolar Disorder

The Thing About Bipolar Disorder | >> Click to Read!When in the midst of a bipolar mood episode, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are so many inconsistencies; ups, downs and in betweens. It can seem that there are no constants.

Even when diligent in our mental health care, even when treated, and even when medicated — bipolar disorder can be unpredictable. Frustrating is the least of it! We’ve evolved into strong, courageous creatures. Frustrating we can handle. It’s hope that can be elusive.

But I’ve found that, whether I’m in a mixed state or drowning in bipolar depression, if I can remember that. . .  what I’m feeling is NOT permanent, it helps. It helps me maintain hope.

The Thing About Bipolar Disorder

The only constant of bipolar disorder is that it is ever-changing. The one and only thing we can count on is that our moods will change. My wish is that I, and everyone battling bipolar disorder, can catch ourselves before falling into that dark well of despair, remembering that this too shall pass. Knowing that we’re not going to feel this way forever. Yes, we might feel this way again, but not forever. . .

You're Not Alone by theSUNNYshadow.comTime will pass, the wind will shift and so will our moods. Perhaps not as quickly or subtly as we’d prefer, but they will. And so we must find ways to manage until we make it to the other side. Be sure to check out the Coping Tools category here on the blog. It’s important to build a coping toolbox full of coping tools. And to figure out which ones work best for you in specific situations.

It’s also important that we keep up with our most basic self-care steps during mood episodes and medication changes. As it is to have support and stay socially-connected.Also check out the Mental Health Resources page.

Look, I know these things are easier said than done. Just dig around my blog a little, particularly the ‘Shadow’ category, and you’ll find that I fight my fair share of battles. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try or that what we’re trying to achieve is unattainable. Again, and please remember this, we’re strong, courageous creatures. We’re capable of weathering many storms. Many of us already have, and each one makes us stronger and prepares us for the next. But we do not have to do it alone.

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My hope is that you have hope today.

Remember that you are NOT alone, this too shall pass.

How do you remain hopeful when your mood fluctuates?



  1. Dani

    Hi krista,
    First of all, my compliments About your site itself. IT is very clear that you knew what u wanted and what not. A year ago I wanted to start a blog about addiction/and mental health.
    In Holland there isn’t much of this and like all advances bloggers say; there is never a good moment in your eyes. I have been reading all I could find about how to and what not.
    I need to set up a wordpress blog and will try to make it as classy as it can be and try different lay out. When thinking about perfect niche this is it! I know it all after being diagnosed with BP disorder after I jumped and now live with huge pain. From my chest down it was all broken or shattered. – I was on traumatologie for 4 mnths and after that 6ix months in a rehabilitation center. It was 4 flours down so 14 meters. So i had to start all over like a baby who tries to stand up. The reason why i did not start yet is because im affraid since my wanted a blog my writersblock was there. I decsided to. Start Tomorrow on finding a lay out i like and then my friend who is a webdesigner Will make iT the way its most easy and i love to start and get a happy feeling.

    Mij questions are; how did you start and when did u find out what to change because it was useless or to distracting from the post you wrote.
    Do you always have loads of things to write about?
    Well my thing is, that because always having money to buy cocaine will not make people stop. Like my story lot of others suffer from some kind of mental health issue that makes them insecure en therefore mostly here in holland people get committed in because of a dual diagnose. I think it’s a bit self absorbed to say but it may be come in handy😊 For you to ken a picter in your head.
    I was 25 when i started two compananies and my life was like a fairytale and i gave things to my close friends and family had famous clients and even sang Angie with mick Jagger.
    I went to places in the world that i even know they existed. All things en moments are gone now. IT is like i a dream.. we only found out About the bipolar 2 after the accident dat changed my live in hell. I do think a blog in dutch About addiction en Some extra options like how it all works in Holland and lucky for me i know Some psychologists and psychiatrists and their anekdotes make me laugh.. love to hear how you started off and if iT makes Some extra money within a year or is that for vip fashion ?

    I love your Posts and your kindness to your followers.


    1. Hi Dani! Sounds like you have a lot to write about. When I started my blog I really had no idea what I wanted to blog about and it looked a lot different than it does now. I just picked a theme and started! Eventually I connected with mental health advocates on Twitter who unknowingly helped forge my path.

      Yes, in the beginning I had TONS of ideas for blog posts. They’d come to me at the most random times. I suggest keeping a dedicated place for blog post ideas on your smartphone. If you run out of ideas, look over the headlines of other blog posts and news articles in your niche. This will spark your imagination and keep your content current. You can even write a blog post in response to someone else’s article.

      I’d say to watch out for busy backgrounds when selecting a blog theme. Busy backgrounds can make your content difficult to read.

      As far as money, you can create and sell digital products (ebooks, e-courses, etc.) or physical products (books, t-shirts, etc.) through your website. Really whatever you can think up.

      I wish you luck on your blog! I’d love to visit when it’s up and running! Best wishes =)

  2. I know what you mean. During my last bopolar depression, when I was standing in the shower thinking that slicing my wrists there would leave less of a mess for my family to clean up, it was the thought of “this feeling will pass” that made it such that I didn’t go get the knife. And sure enough, thanks to rapid cycling (ironically! ) I felt much better a couple days later.

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