Top Netflix Suggestions | TheSunnyShadow.comIt’s no secret, I have mad Netflix binge-watching “skills.”  But seriously, taking time out to participate in activities we enjoy is a self-care step important to our mental health. Activities like watching Netflix can also act as coping tools during times of anxiety and/or depression. They have the capability to soothe, distract and even lift our moods and shift our perspectives.

I’ll do my best to update this list. That is, remove shows that are no longer available to watch on Netflix. Right now my suggestions are all T.V. shows, as I’ve been on a big T.V. show kick for some time now. What are some of your top suggestions? In what other ways do you take time out for yourself?

My Top Netflix Suggestions:

*Please Note: Some of the shows below may be triggering to some viewers.

  • Wentworth
  • The Fall
  • Weeds
  • House of Cards (Netflix version w/Kevin Spacey)
  • Bloodline
  • Madam Secretary
  • Scandal
  • Boss
  • Damages
  • The West Wing
  • Being Mary Jane
  • Blacklist
  • Gossip Girl (don’t judge!)

If you like time period pieces:

  • Bomb Girls
  • The Crown
  • The Tudors
  • Mad Men
  • The Paradise
  • Reign