Romance Movies for Valentine’s Day
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Last updated January 15, 2016.

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Romantic Favorites

The below movies are not necessarily on Netflix. But that doesn’t make them any less amazing!

Cafe de Flore (French audio/English subtitles){2011, NR}

Legends of the Fall {1994, R}

Silver Linings Playbook {2012, R}

Terms of Endearment {1983, PG}

Romeo + Juliet {1996, PG-13}

Poetic Justice {1993, R}

Remembrance (Die verlorene Zeit) {2011, NR}

New York, I Love You {2008, R}

Dirty Dancing {1987, PG-13}

Safe Haven {2013, PG-13}

Stuck in Love {2012, R}

Ghost {1990, PG-13}

Drinking Buddies {2013, R}

Take This Waltz {2011, R}

Like Crazy {2011, PG-13}

Love Actually {2003, R}

Titanic {1997, PG-13}

The Notebook {2004, PG-13}

Jason’s Lyric {1994, R}

I’m sure that I’m leaving a whole lot of good movies out. I’m not a movie buff or anything. But my top pick from the above list is most definitely Cafe de Flore! It is AMAZING and I highly recommend it.

What are YOUR favorite romance movies?? LEAVE A COMMENT!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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