Vegas: 5 Things I Did Not Anticipate

Vegas: 5 Things I Did Not Anticipate by

This week I had the honor of accompanying my husband on a work-related trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. When he invited me about a year ago, he made it clear that I wouldn’t see much of him due to his union obligations. But that was no problem for me! The uninterrupted quiet time would allow me to get loads of work done on the blog-related projects I’d started. (Or so I thought) Sure, I planned on doing a little gambling and sight-seeing, but my main intention was to get lots of work done. One could say that I had high expectations for myself.

Vegas: 5 Things I Did Not Anticipate by

Okay so, maybe my expectations were a bit unrealistic. There were certain things I simply did not anticipate, good and bad.

Vegas: 5 Things I Did Not Anticipate

  1. Vegas: 5 Things I Did Not Anticipate by TheSunnyShadow.comThe exhaustion. The type of exhaustion you cannot fight. The type of exhaustion that coffee and energy drinks do not fix. I slept most of the first few days of our trip because I had no other choice. Is it because bipolar disorder is a circadian rhythm disorder, therefore I’m more susceptible to jet lag? I’m not sure. But if you have bipolar disorder and are planning on traveling to a different timezone, I suggest allowing wiggle room in your schedule for at least the first few days. Maybe you won’t need it. Great! You can always find things to fill your time. But if you do need it you’ll be so thankful it’s there, and it may just prevent a mood episode.
  2. I missed my daughters A LOT. My brats are 16-3/4 years old and 14 years old and I still miss them like crazy! I did not anticipate sitting in a puddle of tears three days in because I was homesick. Not cool. Granted, I was likely still adjusting to the time difference a bit, but good grief, what am I going to do when they grow-up and move out?! My suggestion is to figure out how you’re going to chat face-to-face with your kiddos BEFORE you leave town, instead of trying to figure it out on the fly.
  3. “Vegas Throat.” Every morning my throat is more painful than the one before, but it seems to get a little better as the day goes on. There was a period when I was seriously considering calling my general practitioner to see if he would call me in an antibiotic to a nearby Vegas pharmacy. But I found this article mentioning that it’s common to get “Vegas Throat” upon your visit. Besides a sore throat, other symptoms include post-nasal drip, scratchy throat, loss of voice, coughing, having to clear your throat often, bloody nose, stinging eyes, itchy nasal passages and a feeling of being hungover. The article suggests several different solutions. But if you’re visiting Vegas soon and can fit your humidifier in your luggage, go for it! You may also want to bring along some throat lozenges, your favorite herbal teas, lemons and honey (or just buy them once you get here).
  4. Vegas can be overstimulating. It’s the end of the week and I’ve warmed up to it, but at the beginning I just didn’t get the appeal. There are SO many people ALL THE TIME. Vegas NEVER sleeps. Just walking through the casinos is disorienting. I feel physically unbalanced as soon as I step foot inside one. There’s just so much going on, in every direction. I just have to be in the right mind-frame to appreciate what Vegas has to offer, and that’s okay. If you’re like me and tend to get overstimulated easily, I suggest taking things at your own pace. If you can, ease into the bright lights, crowds and casinos. Start with short periods of time and work your way up to longer bursts. If for some reason that’s not an option for you, I suggest working closely with your therapist before your visit to develop Vegas-specific coping strategies.
  5. I LOVE the casino smell. (Particularly Bally’s and Linq.) According to, “The right fragrance will encourage players to relax, stay longer and spend more.” Air Aroma uses a technology that allows it to scent large casinos at the same time via casinos’ HVAC systems. I’m not sure if Bally’s and Linq are scented by Air Aroma, all I know is that they smell so good.

↓Eat Here → Hash House A Go Go (inside Linq)

Vegas -

Oh, and one last thing, dry heat my butt! Vegas is HOT! At 10:30 pm one night we checked the weather out of curiosity to find that it was still 105 degrees! The good thing is that a lot of the hotels link together, so you can minimize your time outside if you want.

All-in-all, I’ve had an enjoyable time and I’m grateful for the experience. And I hear that my husband kicked butt at his convention, so I’d say it’s been a good trip (minus me not getting loads of work done).

Have you been to Vegas? Where did you stay and what were your favorite things to do and places to eat?



  1. I’d have to say I experienced the same feeling as you as far as taking a while to warm up to Vegas. My husband and I wanted to go to sit poolside bit it was cloudy! So we were forced to do the touristy walk around thing, which I detest. But in retrospect, I think I liked being there with my husband (we hadn’t brought the kids either). Loved this post Krista!

    1. Vegas isn’t really a “kid-friendly” place, still, I was surprised at how many people brought young kids with them. You never know someone’s situation, it just seems odd from the outside looking in. Anyhow, I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Vegas as well =)

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