The Power of Self-Empowerment

The Power of Self-Empowerment | >> Click to Read!What Self-Empowerment Means to Me

Self-empowerment is a liberating process. It can also be frightening, as we’re taking complete responsibility and accountability for our lives and our circumstances. This leaves no one else to blame for any of our problems. But we’re creating the life we want to live and we’re living it how we want to live it. But we have to start where we are. This requires positive, goal-oriented thinking; and patience. Through self-discovery we’re able to determine what our values are & live our lives accordingly.

Any time we learn, we grow more empowered. So to me, both self-discovery and self-growth equate self-empowerment.

We Don’t Give Away Our Power

As adults, the only person who has control over us should be us! The more empowered we become the less often we give our power away. And the less we give our power away the more empowered we feel. Many of us, at some point in our lives, have freely handed our power over to others. And the funny thing is, most of the people we give it to don’t even know they have it. By wasting time & energy holding grudges and whatnot, we’re the ones miserable. We’re giving others “free rent” in our heads.

“A failure is always in the passenger seat in his or her life.” ~Stephen Richards, Boost Your Self Esteem

We’re Our Own Advocates

What happens when we put people on pedestals? They always fall off. The more self-empowered we become, the more we realize the importance of being our own advocates. This includes never blindly trusting anyone. We gain the confidence to speak-up if we’re uncomfortable and ask questions when we need clarification. I truly believe that we teach people how to treat us. When we respect and believe in ourselves others will too. We own our power!

Victim Mentalities → Vaporized

We become more willing to confront the victim mentality within us (if present) as we grow empowered. We’re adults and we’re in charge of ourselves and our lives. No one else has any control over us unless we allow them that control — And we’re not allowing it, are we?! We take the necessary self-care steps that make this possible. Forgive & let go. That’s part of owning our power.

We Accept Ourselves While Continuing Our Journeys of Self-Growth

We accept ourselves, our strengths and our weaknesses. However, acceptance does not equal complacency. Through honest self-awareness, we can note our strengths & weaknesses. We can then build on our strengths & work to improve our weaknesses. We’re always growing & learning. Knowledge is power. Every time we learn something new, we’re a little more empowered. Everyday we’re trying to be the best versions of ourselves.

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Self-Growth, Self-Understanding, & Self-Knowledge are Self-Empowering.

Eventually, we’ll grow to know, understand, accept, & love ourselves. This is a lifelong journey. We will never stop learning or growing. Exciting, right? Of course it’s going to be hard at times but we’re tough, courageous beings, we’ll make it through.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” ~Socrates

8 Things That Have Helped Me on My Journey of Self-Empowerment

Curiosity: I’m a curious person. Okay, some would call it just plain nosey. But because of this I’m always learning and that’s empowering.

Playing “Devil’s Advocate.” I have this habit of assuming the opposing argument or stepping into the other person’s shoes. My husband hates this. But I’ve found that assuming others’ perspectives not only gives me a better understanding of them and their circumstances, but of myself and my own circumstances as well.

Adopting a self-growth mentality. Self-growth opportunities exist in every situation, including seemingly bad ones. Try to find them. Ask yourself, “what can this situation or person teach me?”

Practicing big picture thinking“Is this inching me toward my goal?” I try to craft clear, concise goals and check-in with them regularly; breaking them down into smaller goals when appropriate. I like to think BIG! Why not?!

Seeking-out & connecting with others who have similar interests. This helps us grow in the direction we’re aiming for. It’s always good to have support and others may be able to help us reach our goals faster (and us them). They may be able to point out things we’re unable to see because we’re standing too close.

Practicing gratitude, compassion & self-love. Through self-acceptance I’ve learned that I’m not perfect and I’m going to make mistakes. We’re all going to have good days & bad ones. We need to somehow find a way to treat ourselves with the same compassion as we do others. To also be grateful for who we are, where we are, who we’re with, and what we have… and to have gratitude for the journey.

Practicing mindfulness. Staying in the moment. We can practice mindfulness & still plan for the future.

Forgetting about the petty stuff. For example, what others think of us is none of our business. Nor should we have much time to care, as we should be busy growing, learning, & working hard to achieve our goals! I don’t have time to get caught-up in someone’s playground nonsense. If you’re judgmental and play games, have fun without me.

Self-empowerment is a process. We can’t expect to see all growth overnight. We have to be patient with ourselves while still holding ourselves accountable.

We have to start somewhere. Why not make that somewhere right here?

We will learn how to accept ourselves, love ourselves, respect ourselves, be honest with ourselves, take responsibility and accountability for ourselves, believe in ourselves, and practice grace and compassion with ourselves. And bonus! All of this will transfer over to our relationships with others.

What does self-empowerment mean to you?


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