What’s Really Going On In My Bipolar World

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What Ultra Rapid-Cycling Feels Like to MEI truly want to connect with you all on a more personal level. In order to do that I should probably start opening up about how bipolar disorder is truly affecting my everyday life & how I’m coping with it. – It’s not going so well at the moment.

Lately, living with bipolar disorder has been rough. My mood is doing things it’s never done before, like ultra rapid-cycling. For those of you who don’t know, it’s probably comparable to what you stereotypically picture when you imagine bipolar disorder. My mood has been fluctuating up & down quickly. So quickly that I never know what to expect. I don’t know how I’m going to feel tomorrow morning, or even later this evening… Hopefully up rather than down.

Unfortunately, this whole week it’s been down. Though my house is a mess, I’ve taken care of everything that needs taken care of. Fixing dinner for my family, grocery, laundry. Even though it feels like torture, I’m doing it. Even though I just want to crawl back into bed I’m doing it. So, rather than beating myself up for all the things that aren’t getting done, I’m patting myself on the back for the things that are.

At the same time, I have some adjustments to make. I know exactly how I got to this state of instability. Which, by the way, hasn’t happened in a very long time. It’s from a lack of self-care. There are certain non-negotiables when it comes to bipolar disorder, but I stubbornly rebelled.

Becoming so absorbed in this blog {introverts are easily absorbed} I began staying up late… 3:00-4:00am. I’d forget to eat. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since beginning this blog. When I do eat it’s inconsistent & whatever’s easy. And I’ve not been exercising at all. All of those things are important for a someone with bipolar disorder to maintain stability.

But I have been doing a couple of things right. Like seeing my psychiatrist & therapist regularly & taking my medication as prescribed.

Finally, I’m making a self-care commitment to myself tonight. I’m starting with one thing; sleep. I’m going to bed at a decent time tonight.

One thing at a time.

So, how are you doing? How do you manage your bipolar disorder? Leave a comment!

Krista-Lee-Pfeiffer :: Blogger & Creator of TheSunnyShadow.com


  1. Omg! I don’t handle my bipolar very well. Having taken meds for it off and on for over fifteen years, I’m still learning how to manage day to day living functions regularly…I don’t know which one of me I’ll meet each day. I’m trying to accept it and embrace it instead of fighting or trying to ignore it.

  2. Hi, Krista! I was just DM’g with Sandra. I met her thru Twitter back in May when she responded to my website, and we became instant friends. So after we got done chatting, I looked at her page and saw the link to you.
    YOU ARE AMAZING! My can feel my heart beating in excitement because I would love for us to be friends! A 3-fold chord is stronger than 2 🙂 I fell in love watching and hearing you pour your heart out. I only do Twitter mostly; it keeps me very busy and I use it as a way to keep myself on track and accountable for my responsibilities.
    Rather than ramble on, I’m going to wish you a healthy night’s sleep. I live in Florida and am working on a regular sleep schedule as well. Can’t tweet about it if I don’t do it lol. And my dishes are waiting until tomorrow!
    Love, Tracy

    1. Nice to officially meet you Tracy! Sandra is great, isn’t she?

      I’m so happy that you’ve found my blog. Your blog is really interesting, it’s so unique.

      I’m looking forward to getting to know you! Thanks so much for your kind words! Have a great week!

  3. Just watched the YouTube video. I had been meaning to, but life just took over. I think you are so incredibly brave Krista. I watched you and you were displaying such raw emotion that I could barely keep it together. You remain my idle. xoxo

  4. Oh the rapid cycling is destroying me. It’s great advice to tap ourselves on the back for what we do achieve. Because for everything I go through, at least, thus far, I haven’t been hospitalized. I do think it would be a nice break for me to not have to always worry about how my family is worrying about me, but the stigma is such, that I’m embarrassed to admit that my kids would have a difficult time accepting that their mother was on a psych unit. I know, nothing to be embarrassed about, and yet, it would just be one more thing I’d have to work though. You continue to be my hero. I will be checking out your YouTube video.

    1. Ooh, rapid cycling is rough. I completely understand what you mean about how your kids would feel about you being in a psych unit. My daughters are older now too. But I’m sure that they are capable of seeing the big picture, if need be. Mom’s health is more important than what people may or may not think.

      You’re strength shines through. You inspire me so much. I know it’s difficult but we have to take care of ourselves or nothing else will matter.

      You’re in my thoughts <3

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