Fear or Courage: Which Do You Lead Your Life With?

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“When you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story, everyone has gone through something that has changed them.” ~Unknown

This may be difficult for some people to hear, but generally speaking, none of us are unique. For example, we all possess courage and fear. And none of us corner the market on pain or dysfunction. We all have, or have had, healthy portions of each.

For the remainder of this post we’ll lovingly refer to them {pain & dysfunction} as “stuff.”

Everyone has their own stuff. It may be packaged differently than yours or mine, & who knows, it could be heavier or lighter; but we all have it. It’s relative. We’re all the same in this way. The difference is in how we carry it.

Don’t allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not.” ~Paulo Coelho {Aleph}

Courage vs. Fear

There are those who heave this hefty load above their heads everywhere they go … just making it from one day to the next, not putting much thought into it. The thing is, not only does the weight become too much to bear, but their hands are always full – of stuff. They leave no room for anything else… no room for joy. They may be unaware that their stuff is controlling their lives; dictating their every thought, motive, & action. But subconsciously, they’re allowing this stuff to dictate their happiness, which is lacking. Sadly, time elapses & soon these people are unrecognizable; even to themselves.

Others? Well, others are genuinely happy and fulfilled. They either find a way to contently coexist with their stuff or they gather the courage to work through it. Scary. It’s not that these folks aren’t fearful. On the contrary, that fear motivates them into action. They courageously move forward in the presence of their fear. Their reward is freedom. Their stuff doesn’t disappear, they still carry it with them. It simply feels lighter now that everything is leveled-out; everything is in its appropriate place.

Quote: "There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way & not starting." ~Buddha | TheSunnyShadow.comWhich choice will you make?

To lead your life by courage or fear?

» We Have 2 Options:

1. Choose to Stay Complacent.

2. Choose to Do Something Different.

Everyone possesses courage, it’s simply a matter of uncovering it. We’re then presented with the choice of whether or not to use it.

 How do you move forward despite your fears?



  1. Hi Krista, my approach to ‘stuff’ is to try and see a positive and to acknowledge that things are never quite as bad as they may seem at that time. Of course it’s not always easy, and there are days when hiding under the bed seems like the perfect way to get through the day, but we’d all be under the bed if we allowed ‘stuff’ to dominate our lives.


  2. Ezi

    Although I live with anxiety, I am the type of person who choose to do something different. I don’t like sitting around complaining and not finding a way to make it better. Besides… if I don’t, my anxiety will just increase anyway.

    1. Good point Sandra. Allowing complacency to settle in can totally fuel depression. But I don’t think you have to worry about that 😉 You seem to be similar to me in that, you keep yourself busy while maintaining a self-growth mindset. Most days anyhow. Thanks for stopping by!

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